Secret Pizza: Review

Let me let you into a really good secret. Pizza. Really, really good pizza. It’s reasonably priced, absolutely delicious, created by some lovely people and it’s hidden away in a little alleyway in Hockley.

Came across Secret Pizza yesterday and the smells coming from the pizza ovens were just too good for me to walk on by.

To be honest, I was actually looking for it. Paul at Cucamara Bar in Hurts Yard told me last week that I had to pop down to take a look at a fabulous street food pop-up in Hockley run by a friend, so I did. Turns out this wasn’t Paul’s friend or the pop-he was talking about (right location, wrong vendor) but, hey, who cares when lunch is this good?

It’s tucked away next to the left of Rough Trade (if you’re standing facing it). There are tables at the front, but there are also tables in the alleyway. Now this alleyway has some great street art and is usually behind a locked gate (although I did once persuade someone to unlock the gate just so I could get a glimpse of the art).


So, given the choice between sitting in the sunshine out the front, or sitting in the shade surrounded by graffiti, I am always going to go for option two. Not everyone’s choice, I know, and all other diners appeared to be sitting at the front. In my opinion, they missed out.


Now these are sourdough pizzas, made with unbleached, organic flour, so don’t expect your pizza base to be golden on the outside, white on the inside and completely flavourless cos it won’t be. It has almost a mucky grey/beige colour and tastes so delicious, it would be good without any toppings at all.

The menu is small but perfectly formed. There are six pizza choices. It was a toss up between the Fiorentina (I am quite partial to spinach) and the Greco but in the end the Greco won. San Marzano tomatoes, Greek feta, Kalamata olives (these were the decider), roasted red peppers and Dukkah – and Egyptian herbs, nuts and spices combination.

Beers and soft drinks featured on the drinks menu – my choice was a Summer orangeade – lovely, not too sweet and it didn’t glow in the dark with e numbers.


Oh just look at this deliciousness, how could anyone resist this? It’s served on a paper plate, no cutlery and a doubling up of serviettes – for which I am always grateful because I am the messiest eater I know.

Kalamata olives are the most beautiful things: flavoursome, shiny black jewels and, you will notice, there is an abundance of every item listed on the menu. But what brings this pizza to another level is the sourdough. Having just purchased a lovely new oven and a book on creating sourdough, I will be aspiring to create a dough as fabulous as this. This is pizza heaven.


The staff could not have been friendlier and were happy to answer questions as they beavered away at the pizza ovens and I genuinely loved the location, it was like sitting in a secret hideaway where I could watch the world go by but the world couldn’t see me.

My Greco pizza was £6.50 well spent.

Secret Pizza is currently open Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Location: 8/10 (it’s Hockley in an alley with graffiti, what’s more to say?)
  • Ambience: 7/10
  • Staff: 9/10
  • Beverages: 7/10 – good but limited selection
  • Food: 9/10 (specifically one Greco sourdough pizza)

TOTAL: 40/50

Secret Pizza is next to Rough Trade, Broad Street, Hockley NG1 3AJ


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