No, Google, I don’t mean Notting Hill, I mean NottingHAM

About 11am this morning, I discovered Nottingham had a carnival… and it was today. But I hadn’t seen ANY publicity about it so I Googled it.

“Do you mean Notting Hill?” said Google.

“No, Google, I don’t,” I responded. “I definitely mean NottingHAM and it’s today, so speed it up a bit please.”

Eventually I discover that the carnival is an annual event (I’ve never been before) and that it kicks off at 12noon at Victoria Embankment and The Meadows Recreation Ground but a full carnival parade starts at 2pm. I fail to discover where the car park is, although I do know that if I find it, it will cost me £5.

So Phill and I headed off about 1pm, found somewhere free to park about half a mile away and walked to the embankment to find a crowd of about 20. It was about 1.45pm by this time. Gradually, over the next half an hour, more people began to line the Embankment. They obviously knew what we didn’t, that the parade wasn’t starting until 2.30pm – mainly because of this morning’s rain.

But when it did start, it was loud, it was colourful, it was imaginative and it was loads of fun.

I’ve still got some video to edit but in the meantime, pictures say more than words do on occasions like this and so, here’s a few.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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