No17 Castle Gate Pink Gin: Review

I am unashamedly a gin lover. I have been since the age of about 15 when I managed to persuade a lovely French barman in a bar in the Alps to serve me my first gin and tonic.

Gin is having quite the resurgence at the moment. Many bars in many cities are now stocking a mesmerising selection of gin and almost as many varieties of tonic to serve with it.

I don’t drink alcohol often – I’m often driving long distances – but I am making the most of Nottingham’s superb public transport system and enjoying the odd tipple on a Friday.

The other day while mooching in the city centre, I came across Weavers at the bottom of Castle Gate and spotted this bottle of gin advertised on a blackboard outside and went in for a closer look.


What a little Aladdin’s cave of alcohol this place is. Above is the gin shelf, well how could I resist?

It turns out that No17 has been created by Weavers itself. As has it’s sister, Castle Gate Gin. It’s distilled from acorns foraged by the family who owns Weavers across Nottinghamshire. I haven’t tried that one yet because I was drawn to the pink stuff.

At £13.95 for 20cl, it isn’t cheap but neither is it hideously expensive.

Weavers – an independent wine and spirit merchants – describes it as ‘an alternative fruit-driven recipe’. It combines the distilled acorns with strawberries and lavender, which gives both the pink colour and the fruity taste.

Weavers’ says the gin has a fruity taste with a ‘subtle floral character’. It recommends it is served with an elderflower or light tonic, red fruits and fresh mint.

Well I didn’t have any of that, so I tried it with a splash of elderflower cordial, normal tonic water, lime and lots of ice.


I didn’t, I have to confess, really get any floral undertones subtle or not – but that may be because I killed it off with lime.

What I did get was a deliciously refreshing, strawberry infused gin that was really very gorgeous. I think I might have to go out an buy some red berries, mint and elderflower tonic water and try it as Weavers intended.

I can’t wait to try the original Castle Gate Gin. In the meantime, I’m off for a refill. Cheers.

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